Benefits of Owning a Pet

9 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health

Having a pet is a wonderful experience, but did you know that animal ownership might be good for your health? We take a look at nine ways pets can improve your health.

Woman stretches

15 Common Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

If hypothyroidism goes untreated for too long, it can cause cardiovascular, kidney, nervous system, and pregnancy problems. Here are 15 signs of hypothyroidism.


30 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is more than just a tasteful spice; it can be fantastic for your health! Here are the benefits of adding this miracle spice to your dishes.

ceos who are overpaid

CEOs Who Are Way Overpaid

The job of a CEO is stressful, with millions of dollars and numerous jobs at stake. But is it so stressful that it justifies the amount these CEOs are earning?

hawaii and california

This is How Much Income It Takes to Be Middle Class in Every State

Some states ranked pretty high while others didn't do too great.

Clear jar with money inside and tax written on the label

Best Tax Preparation Software for You

For an individual with an easy tax situation, filing your taxes online is a breeze. To save you time, here are this year's top four online tax programs.

jobs people are fleeing and headed to

Jobs People Are Fleeing From and Where They're Going

Here are the jobs that people are fleeing and what careers people are moving to instead. You might just be surprised by who struggling and who is on the rise! 

global payroll management software

Global Payroll Management Software

With global payroll management software, businesses can now facilitate their payroll processes, ensure compliance with local regulations, and enhance efficiency like never before.

Storefronts of Belk and Walmart

30 Companies You Don't Want to Work For

Looking to apply for a new job? Maybe looking to start a new career? It might be a good idea to avoid these places.

15 Surprisingly Cheap Places to Live

30 Surprisingly Cheap Places to Live

If you're going to move, you need to think about the cost. These cities are not only great to live in but cheap as well.

a sand bunker next to a golf green with the ocean in the background

Island Golf: Best Caribbean Golf Destinations

Pristine golf courses in picturesque tropical backdrops dot the many islands of the Caribbean. Learn more about these unique golf courses for your next golf vacation.

New York City 500 Years

Here's What Popular US Locations Will Look Like in 500 Years

Thanks to AI technology, we can predict what America's future might look like in 500 years.

30 Top Coaches Who Never Played Professionally

30 Top Coaches Who Never Played Professionally

This is a list of noteworthy coaches who made names for themselves on the field (or court) as head coaches... but they (somehow) never played pro!

behind the scenes of bonanza

Secrets from Behind the Scenes of Bonanza

You might be a seasoned expert when it comes to the Cartwrights, but how much do you know about everything that went on behind the scenes of the 'Bonanza'?

colorized photos

Colorized Photos of Classic Stars That Bring Old Hollywood to Life

These new, vivid portraits help to bring iconic stars of old Hollywood to life like never before!

the most expensive high school in each state

The Most Expensive High School in Each State

Over $90,000 for one year of high school?! Did you know private schools could be this expensive?

celebrity who dropped out of college

25 Celebrities Who Dropped Out of College

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to tell who has a college degree and who doesn’t. You’d be surprised at the celebrities who never finished college. Here's a list of 25 of our favorite dropouts.

Brad Pitt looks super fine at a black tie event

Which Celebrity Was in Your Fraternity or Sorority?

You’d probably be surprised to find out how many celebrities chose to go Greek in college (who knew so many of them even went to college?). What famous celebs were in your fraternity or sorority?

2024 sedans

The Top 2024 Sedans

From Honda to Chevrolet, the top 2024 sedans on the market offer peak performance and innovative features that appeal to small families, retirees, and working professionals on a budget. let's take a look at the top five sedans of 2024!

2024 mazdas

Top 2024 Mazdas

Mazda's commitment to delivering exhilarating driving experiences while prioritizing efficiency and safety shines through in its latest offerings. Keep an eye out for these exceptional 2024 Mazdas you’ll find at a dealer near you!

memorable cars of the 1980s

Most Memorable Cars of the 1980s

Here, we’ve highlighted the 30 most memorable cars of the 1980s—a decade marked by innovation, style, and unforgettable driving experiences.